Today I share with you a new word I’ve learned today. Obstreperous. It means to be noisy and difficult to control. Also, a synonym of unruly, unmanageable, disorderly, undisciplined, uncontrollable, rowdy, disruptive, truculent, difficult, rebellious, mutinous, riotous, out of control, wild, turbulent, uproarious, boisterous. You get the idea.

To be used in a sentence: “The plaintiffs are being obstreperous.”

So, when someone calls you out as being a little “fussy”, just say, “Hey, if they weren’t being so obstreperous, I wouldn’t be so fussy.” Then promptly hold your head up high, do a pirouette and politely sashay away.


Let it be known that when you’re constantly hearing “That’s never happened before” that you’re probably
going to have some great experiences — good or bad! So just prepare yourself and enjoy. That’s
what I do, because I hear those words ALL THE TIME! If you’ve got a “That’s Never Happened Before” story,
I’d love to hear it. Leave me a post!