Company LogoAlways.   Such fleeting moments in life.  Time seems to steal away our thoughts and create havoc where only peace should be.   I’ve found myself racing against it so many times and waking up in the morning just exhausted thinking of the amount of time that I’ve wasted on things that really don’t advance life’s situations ahead at all.    Then, in a short panic, try to regroup and breathe.  Thinking. Momentarily frightened.  Wishing.

When you’re a child, you could play in your room for hours and hours and hours it would seem.   When in actuality, it was closer to exactly an hour at most.  That’s the glory of innocence, Time is something you feel in the moment you will never run out of yet soon you do.

As my grandmother would say so many times when she’d hear young ones wishing, “I can’t wait until I grow up.”

“Don’t wish your life away.  You’re only young for such a short time, but you’re old for the rest of your life.”

With so many choices around us every day making us wake up with  a start, taking a moment to breathe in deep and slow may not stop Time, but this small movement can help bring back the peace, clearing our heads.   If only for our sanity, even if it’s only taking a moment out for us to enjoy, for just a short, borrowed amount of Time.