Do It Up!

Company LogoWhat does that mean?   It’s a subliminal message that shows encouragement and support to another person who wants to try something new, no matter how silly it may seem.

“I support  you and encourage you.   So Do It Up!”

Those three words became an encouraging statement from my boys every time I’d come up with another “I’m going to.” It  was and still is a great motivator,  encouraged me and never made me feel silly about my ideas.

Although I have often been teased about living in a different world,  I realize that there is work, hard work sometimes, in reaching your goals.  However, I believe with patience, plus loads of determination and a good attitude, almost anything is possible.

So it only seemed fitting that YOWBABY’S motto would become DO IT UP!   

With those three words we hope to motivate others to show support and encouragement for someone’s “I’m going to.” Because with support and encouragement of one another, things happen.  So if you know someone who has always wanted to do something, tell them, as my boys would, Do It Up!

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